Making a Difference: Wayne Holder, RN


A patient arrived at LGMC via AirMed with stroke-like symptoms, diagnosed with a massive head bleed. It was soon determined to be inoperable and ultimately fatal.

The patient and his wife were from out-of-state and were camping at a campground in Butte La Rose. His wife was disabled and was unable to drive to the hospital to see her husband, now at least 30 minutes away from each other.

While people were trying to figure out a way to get her here to LGMC, Wayne Holder, RN, did not hesitate to make a plan. He called the patient's wife and told her he was calling a cab for her AND would pay for it out of his own pocket. This completely shows what a caring and compassionate patient advocate he is.

As soon as the patient’s wife arrived, his blood pressure normalized and he became less agitated. Wayne made a HUGE difference in the life of the wife of his patient and also in the eminent passing of his patient.

The wife tearfully expressed how much it touched her that someone would go above and beyond for her and her husband. She also stated that she had never seen people with as much heart as everyone in this hospital has. It was difficult to go through the loss of her husband while being away from home, but also said she didn’t think they would have received the same treatment with as much heart behind it as they received here.

Wayne truly made this difficult situation better for this family because of his actions and the caring spirit of the staff here at LGMC.

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