Making a Difference: Reggie Patin


Reggie Patin

Reggie Patin, an ICU Tech and Acadiana fire fighter, was recently in the vicinity of the Emergency Department parking lot when he saw a woman collapse.  Reggie was quick to respond.  As he reached her, he and checked for a pulse, but she did not have one.  He commenced CPR while an Acadian Ambulance paramedic rushed over to assist.  They called for the assistance of the ED staff.  The lady’s pulse returned and she was rushed to the ED.  She later was admitted to the ICU, but unfortunately suffered irreversible brain damage during her cardiac arrest.  Her family informed the hospital that she had been a registered organ donor through the Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency.  The hospital immediately contacted LOPA and the patient was found to be a great candidate for organ donation.  Due to Reggie’s heroic efforts, the patient’s organs helped save seven lives.

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