Making a Difference: Hope Rummel - LGI


What was expected to be an ordinary day for Hope Rummel, secretary at LGI, was interrupted by practically a life-saving event.  Hope was approached by the daughter of a woman waiting in the lobby for a diagnostic procedure.  The daughter said that her mother was acting differently than when they first arrived.  When approaching the woman and asking if she could help, Hope immediately noticed something was wrong.  The woman’s speech was very slurred and incoherent.  That, and the fear in the woman’s eyes, reminded Hope of her own grandmother’s experience of having a stroke.  Remembering also the education she received at work on stroke symptoms, she sprang into action.  Hope sent a coworker next door to Lafayette Diagnostics for assistance from one of the nurses while she stayed with the patient.  The Code F.A.S.T. Team was also quickly notified.  All the while, Hope comforted the patient and reassured her daughter until the team arrived.  Because of Hope’s quick action and recognition of stroke symptoms, the team responded within minutes.  The patient was transported to the Emergency Department for assessment and was eventually admitted.  The next day, Hope called the daughter to check on her mother.  Recalling the event again, Hope says, "This was a patient in MY waiting room, on MY watch and I wasn’t going to let something bad happen to her.”

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