Loretta Dean - CNA, Med/Surgery


Loretta Dean has been a Certified Nursing Aide (CNA) at Lafayette General for more than two years. Her coworkers value her for being instrumental in transitioning 2 West to Med/Surg, providing guidance to new employees and serving as a preceptor for new staff. Her warm demeanor with patients brought a nomination for the Caring Hands Award, a peer award given to CNA’s that demonstrate the highest standards of behavior.

While doing her regular duties as a CNA, a new patient escort, Angel Iglus, began to notice Loretta’s compassion, teamwork and humor with her patients and coworkers. This inspired Iglus to contact the LGMC School of Health Sciences to ask about joining a CNA class. Iglus informed the clinical nurse manager that she wants to care for people just like Loretta does. Unaware that she was being observed, Loretta Dean changed the course of a young lady’s life, which is truly making a difference.

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