Local Surgeons Perform Advanced Breast Reconstructive Surgery


Breast Cancer Awareness Month focuses a lot on identifying and preventing breast cancer. But, patients facing mastectomies face their own burdens when choosing a reconstructive surgical option. These women will be glad to know that the most advanced, complex breast reconstructive surgery available is now offered at Lafayette General Medical Center.

The DIEP Flap procedure, performed by plastic and reconstructive surgeons Joseph P. Lupo, M.D., and Bennett Boustany Fontenot, M.D., is considered the pinnacle of breast reconstructive surgery. The procedure uses fat and skin, but not muscle, from the lower abdomen to replace the breast, offering a natural tissue replacement instead of an implant. DIEP (deep inferior epigastric artery perforator) Flap surgeries avoiding muscle tissue eliminates the risk of hernia and muscle pains associated with other less-advanced procedures.

Drs. Lupo and Fontenot operate together on these patients. Having exclusively local surgeons improves follow-up care for patients because the surgeons are always available. Their availability also makes scheduling a surgery more convenient for patients by not having to work around a visiting surgeon’s schedule.

“We are the only center that can perform this procedure using all local surgeons,” says Dr. Fontenot. “That means we can do it here at Lafayette General Medical Center and do all follow-up here at anytime.”

Dr. Fontenot explained that, for women, undergoing a mastectomy is a difficult decision. He is glad to be available to see them anytime leading up to, or after, the surgery.

Both surgeons specialize in aesthetic surgery of the face, body and breast, and full body reconstruction, with a special emphasis on breast reconstruction including the DIEP Flap. To make an appointment with Dr. Joseph Lupo or Dr. Bennett Boustany Fontenot, call (337) 504-3640.

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