LGMC Recognized as BrainPath Center


Lafayette General Medical Center (LGMC) is now recognized as a BrainPath® Center for being among the first 50 hospitals in the country offering a new surgical approach to reach deep brain abnormalities. This designation, from NICO Corporation, was granted after training in the new 6 Pillar Approach to brain surgery, which includes use of the BrainPath tool.

The 6 Pillar Approach uses several existing and new advanced technologies, allowing doctors to see, target, safely access and remove abnormalities inside deep brain tissue. The BrainPath provides a unique access system that allows surgeons to see abnormalities in the brain and dramatically changes how they can safely move through the natural folds and delicate fibers to reach the abnormality. It minimizes tissue damage by displacing tissues of the brain during advancement to the abnormality – much like how the hull of a boat moves through water – all through an opening smaller than a dime.

Neurosurgeon Alan Appley, M.D., first used the technology at LGMC, making it the first and only hospital in Louisiana to use the BrainPath in the integrated systems approach to neurosurgery. NICO, an Indianapolis-based medical device company, designated LGMC a BrainPath Center for adopting this critical piece of technology that can give patients new hope in removing abnormalities that may have once been considered inoperable. NICO credits LGMC with making better patient outcomes a priority by having this innovative and groundbreaking technology available.

“What we are doing is revolutionizing minimally invasive corridor brain surgery and setting a new standard of patient care because of the results we are seeing,” says Jim Pearson, co-founder and CEO of NICO Corporation. “We solved the problem of access and opened the door for more patients than ever before to have a surgical solution for hard-to-reach or inoperable abnormalities,” he says.

LGMC and the neurosurgeons trained in this technique were invited to collect data for an upcoming clinical trial known as MiSpace (Minimally Invasive Subcortical Parafascicular Access for Clot Evacuation). The trial will assess the clinical outcomes of 50 patients undergoing intracerebral hemorrhage evacuation surgery over a nine-month period. The trial will also perform economic analysis on patients who undergo surgery and compare them to patients who undergo conventional surgery or medical treatment alone. LGMC will join up to 12 other prestigious hospitals in this trial such as Johns Hopkins Hospital (Baltimore, MD), St. Lukes of The Woodlands (TX) and Grady Hospital (Atlanta, GA).

Being a BrainPath Center and hosting a clinical trial elevates LGMC’s status as a Neuroscience Center of Excellence. That designation means that, when it comes to medical complications of the nervous system, Lafayette General is among the nation’s highest achievers.

The Neuroscience program at LGMC offers highly qualified neurologists and neurosurgeons skilled in injuries and disorders of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system (outside the brain and spinal cord). They specialize in addressing disorders and symptoms of stroke, seizures, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, tremors and brain tumors, among others. Each year, more than 500,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with a brain tumor. The National Brain Tumor Society estimated 950 people in Louisiana were diagnosed with a primary brain or other nervous system tumor in 2013.

The “6 pillars” of this technique include: 1) brain imaging, 2) neuro-navigation, 3) achieving access with the BrainPath, 4) optics for visualization, and 5) tissue resection and collection using the NICO Myriad®. The Myriad collects tissue in a viable form to provide clinicians the opportunity to pursue regenerative medicine options, the 6th pillar in the approach.

For more information about Lafayette General Medical Center or the NICO BrainPath, visit our Neuroscience Services area or NICOneuro.com.

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