LGMC NICU Transport Team & Acadian Ambulance


A relaxing vacation in Florida seemed like a good idea before LGMC employees Renee and Brandon would become first time parents in the next couple of months. But, plans changed when Renee suddenly went into labor and baby Gabriella was born in a Florida hospital at 29 weeks. With their newborn in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), Renee wasted no time in contacting her OB/GYN in Lafayette, Dr. Danny Bourque, to see if he would assist them in getting their baby back to Lafayette General’s NICU. Dr. Bourque immediately made a call to LGMC’s Medical Director of the NICU, Dr. Dave DeIulio, who in turn telephoned the neonatologist assigned to Gabriella at the Florida hospital. A plan had been put into motion to try and arrange for LGMC’s NICU Transport Team to go to Florida, bringing the tiny newborn back to Lafayette General.

To accomplish this, nurses in Lafayette General’s NICU called Acadian Ambulance to ask if they would be willing to transport the team and baby. Going out of state is not routine for Acadian Ambulance. However, they agreed and said they would not charge for the trip to Florida. What’s more, the family was given Acadian’s “hospital rate” for the trip back – and, Lafayette General’s NICU nurses volunteered their time as well. When the day of transport came, the baby was not stable enough to leave. Acadian Ambulance rearranged their schedule, as did the LGMC Transport Team, to accommodate a second try and all went well. From family reports, Gabriella is doing well today.

Acadian Ambulance acted as an extended family helping us bring our “newest family member” home. Everyone’s coordination made a difference!

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