LGMC Announces LPN School Closure


Lafayette General Medical Center (LGMC) announced on Monday that it will close its LGMC Practical Nursing LPN Program following the graduation of the current class.

Over the last several years, LGMC has followed a national trend of hiring RNs over LPNs in many critical care areas of the hospital. The scope of practice for LPNs is limited comparatively because RNs are able to perform more complex procedures and have significantly more decision making power as defined by their nursing license.

Approximately 23 students are presently enrolled in the LGMC LPN School and they are expected to graduate in February 2012. No new students have been accepted into the school for the 2013 class. Any applicant that has applied will have their application fee refunded in full.

"We are closing our LPN school for the right reasons,” LGMC President and CEO David Callecod stated. "We have seen a dramatic decrease in the interest and enrollment for next year's class. We are proud of our past graduates and our final graduating class. LPN training is available elsewhere in our community and it is not a core component to our mission to restore, maintain and improve health."

LPN training is still available in the Lafayette area at Acadiana Technical College-Lafayette Campus, located at 1101 Bertrand Drive.

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