LGH Moving to Centralized Credentialing


Lafayette General Health is in the process of operationalizing a Centralized Credentials Verification Office (CVO), which will manage initial applications, reappointment applications and expirables for providers across the health system (providers include physicians, podiatrists, dentists, psychologists, PAs, NPs and CRNAs).

A large amount of time and resources have been dedicated toward the creation of a CVO. While we aren’t finished yet, we have made significant progress to warrant this announcement. When completed, it will be possible to submit a single application electronically, whether applying to one entity or all seven hospitals in our system. Applicants, as well as staff, will realize significant advantages in decreased duplication of effort, which should lead to increased physician engagement.

Automation will play a major role in this project. Once fully implemented, credentialing processes will become more efficient and consistent, and all entities will have the advantages of automation, i.e., scanned documents continuously available to users, ability to verify clinical privileges of providers at each facility electronically on demand and automation of the hospital affiliation (reference) function, to name a few.

We expect the project to be fully automated and launched in 2018. In the interim, we are initiating a Pilot Program this summer with selected contract partners to centrally process initial applicants applying to LGMC and at least one additional entity.

Our goal is to make practicing medicine within Lafayette General Health easier through provider dedicated enhancements like these. If you have any questions in regard to this project, or other IT related topics, please reach out to me directly.

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