Leah Trahan - RN/NICU


Leah Howell’s 3-year-old son, Harrison, had a simple dental procedure. He was given the appropriate dosage of pain reliever, per the dentist’s instructions. The procedure was uneventful. Leah and her husband are both Registered Nurses. After Harrison’s procedure was complete, he walked out of the office with his parents. Leah’s mother would watch him for the rest of the day so the parents could go back to work. While in his car seat in his grandmother’s car, he was alert and talking. Harrison’s grandmother decided to treat him to lunch at a fast food restaurant. About 10 minutes later, Leah received the worst phone call of her life from her mother. Harrison had collapsed in the restaurant and was not breathing. Fortunately, there were two nurses present, one of whom was Leah Trahan, a nurse at Lafayette General. Trahan began to perform CPR. EMS arrived shortly and Harrison was resuscitated.

Trahan followed the ambulance to the hospital and remained with the Howell family until they knew Harrison was all right. Trahan even asked to hold Harrison after he regained consciousness and to say a prayer together. Leah Trahan went above and beyond, and Harrison’s mother believes this act of kindness saved her son’s life.

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