Leah Bourgeois - Case Manager


A concerned son was worried about his mother, who had just undergone back surgery at LGMC. The son was trying to decide whether to let his mom recover in Lafayette, or bring her to live with him – in California. But, his mind was put at ease, thanks the open line of communication he developed with Case Manager Leah Bourgeois in the Rehabilitation Department. In the two weeks the patient was recovering from her surgery at LGMC, Leah sent nearly 53 emails and made several phone calls to keep the son fully assessed of his mother’s situation. This assured him that his mother was in good hands with the entire staff at LGMC.

Leah’s high level of communication helped the son decide with confidence that his mother was finally safe to transfer to California, and Leah even helped make those arrangements. The son says that, in the three months he dealt with health care professionals, it was Leah who stood out with her high level of caring and competence. Her willingness to cooperate is what helped build the rapport that allowed him to trust Leah enough to be his eyes and ears, making her impact felt two time zones away.

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