Lafayette Physician is first in world to use new device


Nick Cavros, MD, cardiologist at Cardiovascular Institute of the South, is the first in the world to utilize the Closys HD device in the CloSys™ Closure System IDE Trial. Dr. Cavros serves as the Principal Investigator for this trial at Lafayette General Medical Center.

The Closys™ Closure System, manufactured by the Closys Corporation, uses a patient’s own blood following an interventional procedure to quickly close the artery at the insertion site. No foreign materials are used and no object is left behind in the body.

The trial aims to show that this device allows for the safety and reliability of manual compression with an additional benefit of a faster recovery time.

Dr. Cavros explains, "It is so important to finish an intervention with the right closure device. The Closys HD device is easy to use, does not create complications, and does not leave anything behind!”

Dr. Cavros added, "As the Principal Investigator of the first Closys™ Closure System trial site, I am very pleased to be an important part of the CloSys trial. I look forward to what I believe will be a positive trial.”

"CloSys is privileged to be able to begin this trial at a high profile institution such as Lafayette General and to be able to have the device tested by the highly regarded cardiologists of the Cardiovascular Institute of the South,” states Ms. Gervaise Wilhelm, CEO of CloSys Corporation.

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