Lafayette General NICU Receives Donation for New Infant Seats


Holden’s Hope presented Lafayette General Foundation with a $1,000 donation to purchase four mamaRoo® units for Lafayette General Medical Center’s (LGMC) Neonatal ICU (NICU).

The mamaRoo infant seat developed by 4moms is currently used in over 300 hospitals. The seat bounces up and down, and sways from side to side. It imitates a parents natural motions when comforting their baby. The seat is beneficial in the NICU, as some babies need to be held and moved more so than others. This seat will allow for nurses to care for other babies at the same time.

Sulphur native Garrett Stine and his wife, Lake Charles native Chavanne Stine, made the donation on behalf of their foundation, Holden’s Hope.

“The mamaRoo will be an instrumental tool in the health and development of our newborns,” says Dr. David De Iulio, Neonatologist and Medical Director of LGMC’s Neonatal ICU. “This seat will help soothe and comfort babies who need rocking or motion that would otherwise take nurses away from primary caregiving roles. In addition, many growing premature babies experience reflux that delays discharge home, and they too will benefit from being in the upright position in a seat like this after being fed. It's an extra pair of hands with therapeutic benefits as well.”

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