Lafayette General Medical Doctors Join Blue Cross Program to Boost Patients’ Health


The primary care providers of Lafayette General Medical Doctors (LGMD) have joined Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana’s innovative Quality Blue Primary Care (QBPC) program, beginning July 1.

Thanks to a quality initiative through Ochsner Health Network, Lafayette General, its providers and members of Acadian Healthcare Alliance were able to join the program. LGMD participation includes Michael Alexander, M.D., Tyler Perrin Bellelo, M.D., Scott Bergeaux, M.D., Deanna Blanchard, M.D., Bradley Chastant II, M.D., Debra Durham, M.D., Milton Jolivette, Jr., M.D., Dale Leleux, M.D., Elizabeth McLain, M.D., Fallon McManus, M.D., Kathryn Martin, NP, Joseph Orgeron, M.D., Juan Perez-Ruiz, M.D., Cassandra Pillette, M.D., Creighton Shute, D.O., Leslie Sizemore, M.D., Angela Snow, M.D., Michelle Taylor, M.D., and Thomas Voitier II, M.D.

QBPC is a population health and quality improvement program designed to get better outcomes for patients, particularly those with chronic diseases such as diabetes, vascular disease, hypertension and chronic kidney disease.

Blue Cross developed QBPC to better support physicians in the network and work more closely with them. The program takes a team approach to health care, and gives providers the tools and resources they need to focus on improving care quality for all of their patients, not just those who are actively seeking treatment. 

Dr. Paul Murphree, Interim Chief Medical Officer for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, welcomed LGMD Physician Group as the latest QBPC provider.

“We believe QBPC is the right direction for healthcare, so we can work together to boost patients’ health outcomes and reduce costs, which will result in greater value for all,” Murphree said.

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