Lafayette General Medical Center Expanding Catheterization Labs


Phase one of a three-phase catheterization lab renovation and expansion project is nearly complete at Lafayette General Medical Center (LGMC).  In the next few weeks, LGMC will open two new state-of-the-art larger cath lab suites, 11 new short-stay patient rooms and three new holding bays for optimizing inpatient cases.  In addition, a new private physician consultation room will be used for family consults following patient procedures.  The new remodel will allow for quick patient check-in and bedside registration. 

There will also be a new Command Center, where every patient is specially tracked with new technology.  This will improve communication across all phases of care and resemble LGMC’s operating room platform that opened in 2014. The new space will also be equipped with the latest technology for staff education.  This will include a large staff room to hold conferences and continuing education, as well as staff locker rooms with changing areas and showers.

Overall, these new features will increase capacity and efficiency throughout the cath lab while enhancing the experience for both patients and their families.  The cath labs at LGMC are managed in partnership with Cardiovascular Institute of the South (CIS).  “Through our partnership with CIS, we are committed to providing the most advanced, comprehensive cardiovascular care in the region,” said Patrick Gandy, Jr., CEO of LGMC.

LGMC began this transformational expansion project in January 2017 and has included technological updates and new equipment.  Phase two is scheduled to be completed in December 2017 and will create a third new state-of-the-art larger cath lab suite and a spacious new waiting area for families. 

Phase three will provide an additional 14 patient rooms and is scheduled to be complete in March 2018. Once complete, LGMC will boast five cath lab suites (previously had four) and 28 short-stay patient rooms (previously had 11).

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