Lafayette General Health to Expand its Telemedicine Offerings


Lafayette General Health (LGH) has partnered with American Well in order to expand the health system’s telemedicine services. LGH currently provides telemedicine clinics at Stuller, Lafayette Consolidated Government, Lafayette Parish School System and St. Martin Parish School System.

The American Well technology platform will assist LGH in removing healthcare barriers like time, travel and distance to reach patients when – and where – they need care. This platform will allow LGH to provide healthcare services through home technology, such as a smartphone, computer or tablet.

“Lafayette General Health is very excited about our partnership with American Well,” said LGH President David L. Callecod, FACHE. “American Well will help us expand the way we deliver healthcare, providing services that are more convenient for our patients.”

LGH will roll out the expanded telemedicine technology in waves. The plan is to enhance the technology at existing LGH telemedicine clinics, secure telemedicine services with a local prison system, partner with additional schools and large employers, and make the technology available to individuals.

By enhancing existing clinics, specifically at schools, LGH will soon be able to conduct multi-way video visits to include the parents with their child.

Local healthcare to prisoners can be costly due to limited access to care and high transportation costs. With telemedicine, prisoners will receive high-quality, cost-effective care that eliminates officers escorting a patient to and from the hospital ER - translating to a lower cost for taxpayers.

Large employers benefit from telemedicine in the workplace as it deceases absenteeism, increases productivity and translates into lower healthcare costs for both the employer and employee.

Finally, telemedicine direct to the consumer is a convenient service that brings healthcare to where the patient prefers to be – in their home. This service will be available in the future through an LGH smartphone app.

Initially, telemedicine visits will cover non-emergency needs – sinus infections, cold & flu symptoms, cough, rash, etc. – as well as ongoing chronic condition management, such as diabetes. LGH hopes to expand the coverage to include specialists and post-surgical home follow-up care.

American Well works with more than 70 health systems nationwide to bring telehealth to their patients and communities.

“Lafayette General Health has always been committed to reaching more patients. Together, we have the opportunity to further this mission by utilizing telemedicine to extend care,” said American Well President of Customer Solutions Danielle Russella. “We are proud to work alongside LGH to make high-quality care, from such a trusted network of providers, more accessible to the patients and communities they serve.”

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