Lafayette General Health to build comprehensive Orthopedic Center of Excellence program at Lafayette General Southwest


LGH and LHC Group also plan to form a comprehensive post-acute partnership 

Through a multi-phase approach, Lafayette General Health (LGH) plans to transform Lafayette General Southwest (LGSW) into an Orthopedic Center of Excellence and post-acute facility while maintaining an emergency room. The transition is expected to take place in March 2018.

Lafayette General Medical Center (LGMC) is currently the only hospital in a four state region (Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Arkansas) to have the distinction as a Center of Excellence in Joint Replacement for Knee, Hip and Shoulder Replacement.

In order to establish a dedicated orthopedic center on the LGSW campus, Lafayette General Medical Center will absorb all cardiac services previously performed at LGSW. With a catheterization lab renovation and expansion project currently underway, LGMC will soon offer seven cath lab suites and 28 short-stay patient rooms. Putting all cardiology services under one roof will boost coordination of resources and improve clinical protocols. As the region’s largest cardiology program, LGMC is equipped to handle a multitude of cardiac related illnesses and emergencies.

Simultaneously, an upgrade to the operating room (OR) platform and ancillary space will occur at LGSW. These improvements will allow any OR to accommodate orthopedics. In addition, two ORs will be dedicated to the use of the Mako robotic-arm assisted surgical technology for knee and hip replacement. A total of 19 patient rooms on the third floor at LGSW will be dedicated for orthopedic patients. This will allow LGSW the ability to use staff dedicated exclusively to orthopedic care.

“These changes will result in more patient care at both campuses and add needed inpatient capacity at LGMC,” stated Patrick W. Gandy, Jr., LGMC CEO. “In centralizing both cardiology and orthopedics, we are creating a better care model for our patients.”

With an operating room platform geared toward orthopedics, orthopedic surgeons will receive dedicated OR time at LGSW. The faster access for patients means less waiting for procedures. This will also free up OR time at LGMC for future growth.

“Coming together to deliver the best care to our patients is the right thing to do,” said John Schutte, M.D., LGMC Medical Director of Orthopedics. “We are creating the best orthopedic facility in our region, and with the type of care and experience we provide, patients will make us the go-to destination.”

Additional changes will allow greater utilization of patient care areas at both campuses. LHC Group will relocate its existing long-term acute care (LTAC) hospital and operate inside LGSW. Also, a 25-bed skilled nursing facility will open inside LGSW. LHC Group will also manage LGSW’s 21-bed physical rehabilitation unit. Additionally, LGH intends to partner with LHC Group for other post-acute care services.

LHC Group had run a 24-bed LTAC at LGMC, but will move that unit to LGSW. LGSW retains oversight of 48 total beds on its campus, but these changes will result in more patient beds available at LGMC. After the LTAC move, LGMC will have a total of 24 more beds available for patient care and has added 60 beds since acquiring LGSW. With all of these changes occurring, LGH anticipates hiring more clinical staff, especially nurses.

“Our system strategy is to align all of our post-acute services with a high quality provider,” said David L. Callecod, FACHE, LGH President. In partnering with LHC Group, LGH is emulating very successful health systems across the U.S. All of these moves further our mission, To Restore, Maintain and Improve Health.”

Orthopedic trauma will continue at LGMC and orthopedic services will remain at Lafayette General Surgical Hospital.

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