Lafayette General Health Partners with Local Soccer Club


One of Louisiana’s largest soccer clubs has announced a partnership with Acadiana Orthopedic Center (AOC), a professional center of Lafayette General Health, as its sports medicine and performance partner to care for its club teams. Lafayette Youth Soccer Association (LYSA), and its Cajun Soccer Club (CSC), added AOC to its network to help its members seeking medical care and wellness services.

This partnership will focus on addressing overall athletic development of young athletes and their coaches in sports medicine requirements. There will be a specific emphasis on concussion avoidance training, which will help promote community health among one of the largest youth soccer clubs in Louisiana. LYSA/CSC is projected to be the largest club in the state in 20162017.

“As a nationally competitive soccer club, it is important that we have access to the leading orthopedic and sports medicine professionals for our youth athletes,” states Michael Ritch, Executive Director of LYSA/CSC. “We are excited that Acadiana Orthopedic Center and Lafayette General Health have partnered with Cajun Soccer Club as we continue our mission to develop the youth of Acadiana both on and off the field,” he said.

LYSA/CSC is a non-profit organization whose mission is to administer a complete soccer program for all players, focusing on player development, sportsmanship and community involvement. The group boasts 319 teams and 4,148 members competing at both regional and national events.

“This is a great partnership because we believe we have one of the best orthopedic teams in Louisiana,” says Dr. Jeffrey Witty, Orthopedic Surgeon at Acadiana Orthopedic Center. “Getting our young athletes the best care will serve them well as competitive players and as older adults.”

“This partnership will allow us to educate and enhance the overall player experience, while staying at the forefront of soccer in Louisiana,” says Ritch.

Acadiana Orthopedic Center is the Orthopedic Surgery practice of Drs. John Schutte, Scott Yerger, J. Lee Leonard, Stanley Foster, Angela Mayeux-Hebert, Adam Kennedy, Michael Schutte, Blaine Walton, Jeffrey Witty and James Hlavacek. They are all members of Lafayette General’s LGMD Physician Group.

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