Lafayette General Health Celebrates World Health Day


As health care leaders in Acadiana, Lafayette General Health (LGH) is promoting World Health Day today, Thursday, April 7.  The worldwide focus for World Health Day 2016 is Diabetes Awareness.

As a leader in health care and health education throughout Acadiana, LGH is showing Acadiana “What Right Looks Like.” Two of the most basic things people can do to help control their blood sugar is develop better eating habits by drinking more water, and being active by walking more. 

To celebrate World Health Day, all LGH employees across the system are wearing scrubs, everyone from CEOs to office staff in order to start the conversation about health. 

All LGH hospitals and Urgent Care facilities are hosting campus walks throughout the day to promote exercise.  It is recommended that everyone should try to get at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity, five days a week.  Moderate activity can be as simple as walking. 

According to LGH dietitian Sarah Romero, RD, LDN, on average, your body is made up of 60 percent water.  The color of your urine can tell you a lot about your body.  The color can change depending on how dehydrated you are.  Drinking more water can help control calories, digestion, muscle fuel, kidney function and overcome fatigue. Throughout the month of April, all LGH facilities will be promoting “Keep it Light! Drink More Water!” with signage posted throughout the hospitals.

“Lafayette General Health wants Acadiana to celebrate World Health Day,” says Daryl Cetnar, LGH Director of Communications. “Most people don’t talk about their health until they need to. We want to keep the conversation going.”

Diabetes is treatable, it can be controlled and managed to prevent future complications.  Increasing awareness, access to diagnosis, management education and affordable treatment options are crucial to decreasing diabetes-related deaths in Acadiana. LGH is stepping up to raise awareness and educate Acadiana on this World Health Day.

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