Lafayette General Health Celebrated World Health Day 2017


As health care leaders in Acadiana, Lafayette General Health (LGH) celebrated World Health Day today, Friday, April 7.  The worldwide focus for World Health Day 2017 is Depression: Let’s Talk.

As a leader in health care and health education throughout Acadiana, LGH is showing Acadiana “What Right Looks Like.” LGH teamed up with Lafayette City-Parish President Joel Robideaux to spread the word about World Health Day.  Two of the best ways to confront depression is to exercise regularly (take the stairs or walk) and talk to someone you trust (#LetsTalkWHD).

To celebrate World Health Day, all LGH employees across the system are wearing scrubs, everyone from CEOs to office staff in order to start the conversation about health.

All LGH hospitals and Urgent Care facilities are hosted campus walks throughout the day to take steps to confront depression.   It is recommended that everyone should try to get at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity, five days a week.  Moderate activity can be as simple as walking.

“Wearing scrubs on World Health Day was started by Lafayette General Health last year,” says Daryl Cetnar, LGH Director of Communications. “Scrubs is synonymous with healthcare workers, and when you see someone who doesn’t regularly wear scrubs, you ask ‘Why?’.  This starts a conversation about health, which is one of the hardest conversations to start.”

Depression is a very common illness that can happen to anyone.  Adults, adolescents and young children can develop depression.  People who are depressed tend to have unrealistic negative opinions about themselves, their life and their future. Depression causes mental anguish and affects people’s ability to carry out everyday tasks, with sometimes devastating consequences for relationships with family and friends.  At, worst depression can lead to suicide.  Fortunately, depression can be prevented and treated.

To learn more about Depression and ways to confront it, visit

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