Lafayette General Health, American Legion Hospital exploring partnership


American Legion Hospital (ALH) and Lafayette General Health (LGH) have signed a letter of intent to explore a long-term lease agreement, whereby LGH will assume management and operations of ALH. LGH will enter into a multi-year lease of the hospital, its physical plant and equipment. A formalized long-term relationship between ALH and LGH will be advantageous for the residents of Crowley and all of Acadia Parish.

Both parties plan to bring in consultants to help develop the structure and specifics of a lease/management agreement. The goal is to finalize documents in the first quarter of 2014 and execute the arrangement as early as April 2014. More details of the partnership will be provided as the parties near completion of a formal contract.

The goal of this proposed relationship would be to help American Legion Hospital thrive as the hospital of choice in Acadia Parish, keeping residents close to home while receiving high quality medical services. LGH will be able to provide expanded resources, technology, purchasing power and clinical protocol alignment. This will enable ALH to better deliver care efficiently and cost-effectively, leading to enhanced patient outcomes, financial stability and long-term viability.

"The partnership with Lafayette General Health opens up tremendous opportunities for improvements and growth at our community’s hospital," stated ALH Board Chairman Cason Delahoussaye, M.D. "The goal of this partnership is to allow residents of Acadia Parish to receive health care of the highest quality right here at home in a modern patient-centered environment. We are very excited about what the partnership with Lafayette General Health means for American Legion Hospital and Acadia Parish.”

"The American Legion Acadia Post 15 established a terrific foundation for us to build upon," stated LGH President/CEO David L. Callecod, FACHE. "It is our intention to successfully look for a way to fully integrate ALH into our health system while making ALH an even stronger community hospital in Acadia Parish. We believe this is possible and will work hard to formalize a long-term relationship over the next few months."

About American Legion Hospital

Since its founding in 1928, when the American Legion Acadia Post 15 reopened the shuttered Crowley Sanitarium as "Legion Memorial Hospital,” Crowley’s only hometown hospital has been driven to serve its community. In 1950, Acadia Post 15 formed a nonprofit to operate the hospital, resulting in a new charter for American Legion Hospital (ALH).

In 1987, American Legion Hospital moved to its modern location on U.S. East Hwy. 90. Today, the hospital staffs 178 beds and employs over 450 people to serve a growing parish population of approximately 62,000.

If ALH were located in Lafayette, it would be just 8-staffed beds shy of the second-largest hospital in the city.

American Legion Hospital provides for acute medical and surgical care, obstetric, gynecology, pediatric, orthopedic, otolaryngology, cardiac, psychiatry, nephrology, ophthalmology, oncology, emergency services, vein therapy, wound care and hyperbaric medicine.

In addition to the main campus, the hospital operates a psychiatric hospital in Rayne and two offsite outpatient departments: a Center for Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine in Tower One, and a Cardiac Outpatient Services clinic on Northern Avenue in Crowley.

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