Lafayette General Goes Green for Earth Day, and Beyond


To kick off our Healthy Environment initiative, Lafayette General is holding a ‘Great Switch-off’ beginning TODAY, April 22 through the entire month of May. By turning off unused lights, copiers, TV’s and computers, the hospital will reduce waste and  hopefully save money.  The goal is to make a big impact on the environment—and our utility bill.
The hospital will compare electric usage to previous months, and the previous year, to see potential savings.  Lafayette General is committed to being a good corporate citizen by reducing waste.  Our next phase of Healthy Environment will roll out a recycling effort.

Here are the simple steps our employees are taking to Power Down to Save Up:

  • Turn off your office lights and other appliances while you attend meetings and at night and over the weekend.
                   Think radios, digital photo frames, lamps.

  • Turn lights off in patient rooms, restrooms, conference rooms, libraries, and so forth when the room is not in use.
                   This is everyone’s job, not just housekeeping’s.

  • Turn off the TV in patient rooms when not in use.
                   Check the bathroom light IN patient rooms as well.

  • Turn off computers when you will be away for more than two hours.
                   Remember, a screen saver is NOT an energy saver; turn off your                                monitor, too.

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