Lafayette General Foundation Receives $13,000 Donation from Kevin Naquin for Pancreatic Cancer Research


On November 1, Lafayette General Foundation received a $13,000 donation from Kevin Naquin for Pancreatic Cancer Research. The donation stems from Naquin’s annual golf tournament, held at Le Triomphe.

“Kevin and his organization have been great partners with the Foundation in healthcare,” said Cian Robinson, Executive Director of Lafayette General Foundation. “We are humbled by his generosity. This donation is just one of the many ways Kevin raises money for the community throughout the year.” 

Naquin became active in raising awareness and funding for pancreatic cancer research after his father was diagnosed in 2011. Naquin’s donation will further benefit the Foundation’s Cancer Research Fund. 

“It has been a privilege working with Kevin through his personal journey,” said Craig Ortego, VP of Cancer Services of for Lafayette General. “We are so grateful for people like Kevin. Oncology has touched his life and his work is furthering the work of Cancer Center of Acadiana. I look forward to where his journey will help us in the future.”

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