Lafayette General Conducting Survey on Pancreatic Cancer Patients


As part of an observational study, Lafayette General Health’s Research Department is seeking male and female patients, ages 18 and older, suffering from pancreatic cancer to participate in an information survey. The objective of the research is to gather information and assess the quality of life in patients who are newly diagnosed before initiation of 1st line chemotherapy, or currently treated with certain medications. Patients may have a stable disease or be failing one or more rounds of chemotherapy.

Through a one-time online survey, LGH’s Research Department will assess the impact of chemotherapy regimens by measuring a patient’s physical health, pain, psychological health, physical limitations, social activities or disease-specific items.

The study will ultimately evaluate the medications Abraxane and Gemcitabine in patients diagnosed with metastatic adenocarcinoma of the pancreas.

Lafayette General participates in clinical trials and studies to help improve patient care and disease prevention. When patients participate in a clinical trial, they are not only advancing medical technology, they are providing a valuable benefit to future generations. The goal of clinical trials and observational studies through Lafayette General Health is to support the patient-centered approach to health care and help make Lafayette General Medical Center a medical research hub.

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