La Place de Vie under construction at LGMC


It’s groundbreaking! Lafayette General Foundation (LGF) has begun construction of La Place de Vie, a space for patients, families, friends and employees to find hope for healing and celebrate the memories of life. Located next to the main entrance of Lafayette General Medical Center, the space will also be used to host flag-raising ceremonies honoring the contribution of organ donors and their families.

"The incredible level of support we have seen for La Place de Vie shows that this community has a real commitment to giving back to those who are hurt and recovering, and those who have lost and are grieving," says Geoff Daily, Executive Director of the Lafayette General Foundation.  "It is our hope that this space becomes well known throughout Acadiana as a place that celebrates life and healing."

La Place de Vie serves to accentuate the partnership between LGF and Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency (LOPA). Lafayette General Medical Center’s organ donation policies and procedures, in tune with LOPA’s recommended guidelines, help many individuals awaiting transplants get a second chance at life. An honorary flag will be raised at La Place de Vie on the days an organ donation is made at Lafayette General Medical Center.

"Lafayette General Foundation recognized a need in our community, and fashioned an ideal way to ensure their mission is attainable," says Libbie Harrison, mother of an organ donor and LOPA Family Services Coordinator. "By creating La Place de Vie, they have provided a setting for families to feel a sense of comfort."

"It is challenging for me to put into words how much this extraordinary place means to me personally. My son, Justin, was born at Lafayette General; he died at Lafayette General. He became a hero by giving life to five people and sight to two more at Lafayette General. Etching his name and his ‘Gifts of Life’ in stone is a phenomenal way to honor him and to continue to ease the pain of losing him," says Harrison.

"I can think of no better setting than La Place de Vie for raising the Donate Life flag in honor of each new hero. Thank you, Lafayette General Foundation, for making this momma’s heart smile!"

Those who wish to donate to La Place de Vie will have their contributions memorialized in the form of commemorative bricks, oak leaves, pavers and benches. All proceeds raised through purchases of La Place de Vie items will fund LGF’s mission to support Lafayette General Medical Center through innovative projects in its mission: To Restore, Maintain and Improve Health.

For more information about La Place de Vie, or to make a purchase or donation, visit

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