Kirsten Byrd, RN - Radiology


A couple was in town on vacation in the U.S. from England when the husband became ill, requiring him to be admitted to Intensive Care. Alone, with no family or friends in the country, the wife had been staying in a nearby hotel between visiting hours. LGMC nurse Kirsten Byrd, who works in Radiology and is also from England, heard about the couple and met them in the ICU.

A friendship struck, and Kirsten was soon picking up the wife after ICU’s visiting hours and taking her home for a cooked meal and a “real cup of tea.” What’s more, Kirsten provided the wife with her home phone to make all the long-distance phone calls to England she needed. (Kirsten’s phone plan allows for free calls to England.) Going a step further, she offered the woman use of her laundry room to wash clothes.

Later, the wife expressed deep gratitude for Kirsten’s hospitality and kindness. She said that she was so grateful to just sit on a sofa and talk to someone; it made her feel relaxed. The husband said that, through Kirsten’s kindness, he was able to stop worrying about his wife and focus on healing.

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