Kim Hoffpauir, Executive Assistant at Acadia General Hospital


In May of 2016, Acadia General Hospital offered our facility as a short-term solution for the 40 residents of the recently flooded, Maison du Monde, a Diversified Healthcare LLC, Nursing Home facility located in Abbeville, La. Over the months following, those 40 residents made the 2nd floor of our hospital their temporary home. Our Nursing Administration Office was located on the 2nd floor at the end of the hall where most of the female residents' rooms existed during their stay. For almost five months, we visited and welcomed the residents as part of our day.

Kim Hoffpauir, one of our outstanding employees, began a friendship with one of the residents; we know her as Ms. Charlene. Ms. Charlene was widowed, had suffered a stroke and was wheelchair bound with very limited use of one side of her body. She also visited our office every single weekday, sometimes multiple times a day, and was often overheard telling Kim, “I missed you” after the weekend.

Kim worked through her days, with frequent visits from Ms. Charlene. I am certain there were times when Ms. Charlene may have been a bother, but Kim never complained about it. She was always kind and caring, taking the time to listen to Ms. Charlene’s stories about her son, her husband and the music she enjoyed.

I can even remember walking in from a meeting and finding Ms. Charlene crying with Kim because she was homesick. Months later when the residents were taken back to their home in Abbeville, Ms. Charlene was crying, telling Kim how much she was going to miss her. Kim visited Charlene at her home, the Nursing Home Facility in Abbeville, about two months after their departure from AGH because she promised Ms. Charlene she would visit.

On July 10, 2018, two years later, Kim received calls on her personal cell phone from an unknown number in Abbeville. There was a voice message and when Kim listened to it- she interrupted our conversation to say “Caroline- you are not going to believe this.” At that moment, she played a voice message from her dear friend: “I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU. CHARLENE.” Ms. Charlene’s voice was VERY recognizable to us and we could not believe our ears. We have no idea how Ms. Charlene obtained Kim’s cell phone number, or why she called now, two years later. But I am certain it is because Kim made an absolute difference in the life of Ms. Charlene.

Please join me in congratulating Kim Hoffpauir, Executive Assistant, in her receipt of Lafayette General Health’s “Making A Difference” Award. Kim was nominated by Caroline Marceaux, Chief Nursing Officer, and was recognized during last week's AGH Leadership meeting with family members in attendance.

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