Julie St. Martin, RN at UHC


After Hurricane Harvey, Julie St. Martin, RN at University Hospital and Clinics, set out to do what she does best - “Make a Difference.” Julie initiated a gathering of supplies from fellow UHC team members, packed her truck, grabbed her water gear and set out to rescue as many Harvey victims as she could. She volunteered after work, driving all the way to Texas to help and returning to report for her shift at UHC the next day. She never complained about being tired or worn down; she only continued to express how she couldn't wait to return and help. She spent her Labor Day weekend returning and helping others, turning her Labor day into a “Labor of Love.”

Julie is an inspiration to those around her and a phenomenal example of a nurse with a servant's heart. Through her selflessness and compassion, she truly lives to “Make a Difference.”

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