Judi Fontenot, LPN - Family Health Plaza


A mother headed to Lafayette General’s Family Health Plaza Urgent Care Center in River Ranch, where her two children were being dropped off by their father. Her oldest child has autism and suffers from severe separation anxiety, so when the father left, the child had a meltdown due to her anxiety. Judi Fontenot, an LPN at Family Health Plaza, heard the commotion and went outside to see what was happening.

She stepped outside just in time to see the child knock the mother down to the ground. Instead of raising her voice, Judi calmly took control of the situation and helped the mother restrain the child so she wouldn’t harm any other patients. Once the child was safely restrained, they went inside to be seen by the doctor. The mother called Judi and her coworker, Lailor Angelle, “a godsend.” They were able to get and keep the child calm while comforting the mother and encouraging her that, despite how hard things were, she was doing a great job, which the mother said impacted her immeasurably.

Judi separated the younger child from the situation by going to another room and sitting down to talk. Lailor stayed with the older child and mother and gave her a drink of water. This mother recognized the importance of kindness and professionalism shown by Judi in this situation, and says she hopes she can pass that on by doing something similar for another soul in need one day.

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