Jude Scelfo - Health Information Managment


Jina Cook is the manager of Respiratory Care at Lafayette General Medical Center. Many of her staff had worked with Jude Scelfo when he was an RN on 7 West. That was before Jude was diagnosed with brain cancer. Following a remarkable recovery, Jude returned to LGMC to work in Health Information Management. He shared the story of his journey with the entire hospital staff through speeches given at the employee forum in September 2013.

Jina says her staff had a tremendous response to hearing Jude’s speech. "I normally hear some grumbling about going next door to the forum when there’s patient care to do. But, following the forum, the staff came back so motivated and inspired,” she says. "They had supported him through his surgery, but few knew he was back at work. What an incredible story and a remarkable young man with such a strong faith.” Jina said her coworkers were reminded of why they do what they do. Jude’s bravery and courage serves as an inspiration for the entire LGMC staff.

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