Joni Dorn


Joni Dorn

Louisiana native Don Butler is a retired police officer and Vietnam War veteran residing in Tacoma, WA. Therefore, he’s no stranger to emergency rooms, nurses and other medical professionals. Mr. Butler says his experience convinced him that hospital workers are the most dedicated and committed people alive.

Unfortunately, when Mr. Butler’s 84-year-old father-in-law had an unpleasant experience at two different facilities nearby, he found his appreciation challenged. He wondered if the problem wasn’t a regional difference between Louisiana and Washington.

He then arrived at Lafayette General’s emergency room with his father-in-law. He says, from the second his father-in-law was admitted, his respect for nurses was completely restored. Joni Dorn, R.N., delivered tenderness to a frightened, confused and pain-stricken senior. She demonstrated knowledge, ability, communicative skills and an unwavering propensity to go above and beyond.

Mr. Butler says Ms. Dorn was perfect in that she articulated exactly what would happen, verbalized her compassion and was quick to console and assure her patient. Her efforts allowed his father-in-law to be more relaxed and made the entire ER visit a renewed, positive and professional experience.

Mr. Butler says he and his father-in-law will always remember how satisfied and pleasantly overwhelmed they were with Ms. Dorn’s demeanor, attitude, commitment and professionalism.

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