John Kimball - RN, Case Manager


A man from New Orleans was homeless and looking for a place to live in Lafayette to be near his daughter. He was staying in a hotel room, where he’d paid in advance for several nights before he became hospitalized at LGMC. The only possessions he had were contained in a duffle bag in his hotel room. Those possessions included medical records, financial information and clothing.

The patient needed to be transferred to Ochsner Medical Center in New Orleans to continue his treatment. But, he had no one available to retrieve his duffle bag from the hotel room before his departure. Acadian Ambulance could not stop by the hotel room during his transport for him to get his belongings. Upon calling the hotel, the patient was informed that his bag would be thrown out once his prepaid stay was over, and would not receive a refund for the days he wasn’t at the hotel.

That’s when Case Manager John Kimball, RN, took up this patient’s cause. He discussed the situation with the patient and the hotel manager. He decided to go to the hotel himself to gather the patient’s belongings. He was also able to convince the hotel manager to give the patient a refund for the unoccupied days.

By securing a few possessions this patient was clinging to, John demonstrated that a dedicated RN goes outside their job description to truly care for a patient.

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