Jill Daigle, RN


Admission to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) can be an unexpected and traumatic experience. It also has its own set of protocols for medical staff. Sometimes, in order to prevent infections, a patient might have to have their beard shaved.

This was the case with one such patient who unfortunately passed away. But for Jill Daigle, RN and Team Leader at LGMC, that didn’t mean she had to stop caring for the patient. Learning how important the patient’s beard was to himself and his family, Jill felt compelled to act. She took it upon herself to contact the funeral home as well as a local mortician.

Jill proceeded to order replacement beard hair was ordered that matched the patient’s skin tone and texture. Once the hair arrived, she stayed with the mortician during the five-hour process to reattach his beard. All on her day off.

The family expressed their gratitude for the care and attention Jill paid to their love one and we salute her as well. We hope all of our employees can show such compassion towards the patients they serve. Thank you Jill!

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