JeanPaul Judice Memorial Fund Announced


On January 16, two members of the Lafayette General Health (LGH) family, Remi and Lisa Judice, lost their son JeanPaul “JP” in a tragic accident. To support the Judice Family in their time of need, Lafayette General Foundation (LGF) established the JeanPaul Judice Memorial Fund.


JeanPaul chose to live a life where love and happiness filled his heart, and anyone that ever met him would be impacted with a compassionate ear and positive kind words,” said Remi Judice, JeanPaul’s father.

JeanPaul had five siblings and was an all-star soccer player for Lafayette High School. He was known for living the road less traveled and described by all as a “free spirit.” This included his love for the little things in life. JP was passionate about changing the world, both physically and spiritually. JeanPaul hoped that by spreading a message of unconditional love among his closest relationships, change would ripple across the universe starting from a place deep in his heart.


Many LGH employees, family members and friends wanted to come together to help the Judice family. Julie Broussard, M.D. a family friend contacted Lafayette General Foundation (LGF) to see if they could help.

“I reached out to the Foundation because it is based on helping others and promoting excellence in health care” said Dr. Broussard, Anesthesiology Medical Director for Lafayette General Health. “Lisa and Remi Judice’s hope was that his memory would be kept alive, and that they could continue JeanPaul's dream of helping others in need. Lafayette General Foundation answered that call to action just as quickly as our Emergency Department received their son.” 

LGF established the JeanPaul Judice Memorial Fund so the Judice family can continue to pursue his dream of helping others in need. The purpose of the fund is to help cover medical expenses incurred at Lafayette General Medical Center. Any monies raised above the coverage of medical expenses will be left to the decision of JeanPaul’s family.


To donate please go to:

In order to donate via check, mail your contribution to:

Lafayette General Foundation
c/o JeanPaul Judice Memorial Fund
920 West Pinhook Road
Lafayette, Louisiana 70503

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