How Krista Dischler is "Making a Difference"


Krista Dischler

Concerned Employee Saves Coworker

On Mardi Gras day, late evening, a LGMC Respiratory worker was working his evening shift. He went down to the Emergency Department to get an ABG. While waiting for the elevator to come, Krista Dischler noticed that this employee wasn’t looking well. She asked if he was ok and he said he was having an asthma attack and just needed to get back to the department to run his patients blood and to take a breathing treatment. Krista tried to get him to stay in ER but he insisted on going upstairs to his department. Krista decided to escort him up to the department to make sure he was ok. When they arrived in the department, she helped him with a respiratory treatment and then called the operator to page for any one from respiratory to come to the department and help. A fellow respiratory therapist got the page and came up. Krista realized at this time that he was worse than expected and went to find a wheel chair to bring him back to the ER. By the time she came back, he was slumped over on the desk unresponsive. At this point, his fellow co-worker started treating him and a code blue was called.

His fellow co-workers were all on their evening rounds and wouldn’t have been back into the department for a quite some time. If Krista wouldn’t have followed him up, the outcome would not have been good. Krista was like an angel sent from above to watch out for our fellow co-worker on this night.

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