How Darlene David is "Making a Difference"


Darlene David

This is an excerpt from a letter written by S. Conques about an October 2008 moment that made a difference.
While shopping in the Oil Center during my lunch hour, I began to feel rather weak and almost as though I would faint. Upon reaching my vehicle, I adjusted the seat somewhat so that I could catch my breath. A woman tapped on my window to ask if I was alright. That's when I noticed her LGMC name tag. I proceeded to tell her that I would be alright, but I had never felt this way before and found myself becoming scared and tearful.

It started to drizzle outside and Ms. David never left my side but insisted she would stay with me until my husband arrived to pick me up, and she did.

In my eyes, Ms. David went above and beyond what most folks living in a fast-paced world would do. She showed the importance one person can make in the life of another. She obviously understands that when an employee wears their name badge, they are a direct representation of the organization they are affiliated with. Needless to say, her actions left a positive impression of your facility to not only me but my family and friends as well.

She performed a kind and compassionate deed while no one was watching. Your facility is very fortunate to have an employee of her caliber.

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