Hospitals Join Forces to Provide High Quality Patient Care


Lafayette General Medical Center and Opelousas General Health System are proud to announce a clinical affiliation, bringing together Acadiana's two largest hospitals in order to provide the highest quality of care to the St. Landry Parish community. This affiliation will initially focus on cardiology and neuroscience services, with both hospitals working cooperatively to provide ‘best practice' medical care.

"As health care has evolved with more advanced equipment and highly specialized care, hospitals realize they cannot work alone and be successful,” said President and CEO, David Callecod. "At Lafayette General, our goal is to establish relationships with area hospitals and healthcare providers to improve patient outcomes. By sharing information and resources between our facilities, we can reduce variation in how care is delivered. Studies show that treating patients—whether at OGHS or LGMC—according to best practice guidelines improves the overall quality of medical care.”

The affiliation is actually designed to treat more patients in Opelousas and St. Landry Parish, keeping patients and their family members close to home.

"Both hospital cardiovascular programs are under the medical direction of Cardiovascular Institute of the South cardiologists, so it makes sense for us to partner for cardiac care,” said Gary Keller, President and CEO at Opelousas General Health System. "By utilizing Lafayette General's experience with critical care, our staff will be able to treat more complicated heart cases here at Opelousas General. When highly critical cases do arise, our affiliation will enable us to transfer patients to Lafayette General quickly and efficiently. In both cases, the patients will benefit tremendously. Additionally, this affiliation will begin to position us for better integration of services in the future.”

Callecod believes that the affiliation will benefit patients needing neurological services as well. "Our plan is to establish clinical protocols at Opelousas General for neuroscience services, such as for stroke,” he said. "The goal, as is for cardiology, is to help OGHS provide the best care for neurology patients in St. Landry Parish, and ensure a smooth and quick transfer to Lafayette General when the need for a specialist, such as a neurosurgeon, arises.”

"We are working cooperatively with neurology leadership here at Lafayette General to enhance neurology services in Opelousas. There is a tremendous need for that specialty service in St. Landry parish.”

Callecod stresses that an affiliation with Lafayette General offers a different kind of partnership. "Any time a patient is transferred here, our goal is to get them back to their referring physician,” said Callecod. "We want them to be treated locally, surrounded by loved ones. Ultimately, if the facilities we affiliate with are successful, then we will be successful.”

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