Grace Huval


Grace Huval

This is an email by Kim Bourgeois, Director of Food and Nutrition, showing the exceptional kindness of Grace Huval to a patient in what was to be his last days.

In December of this past year, Mr. 'G.' (for the sake of patient's privacy) was a patient in the Oncology unit. He was in and out of the hospital as his cancer grew progressively worse. Grace was the hospitality representative that would visit him every time he came in, striving to get menu selections that he would eat. She tried offering a wide variety of food items every time she visited, but most of the time he tolerated little of it. This time, during his stay in December, Grace was determined to find selections that would satisfy him. She visited him every meal time until she was successful with fried eggs and grits. Mr. G. loved it. He wanted fried eggs and grits for breakfast, lunch and even supper, and Grace made sure that he got it.

One day when Grace was bringing his breakfast, Mr. G. was sitting up in bed smiling and waiting for her and his breakfast. He was so grateful and thanked her for finding something that was satisfying and he could tolerate. That afternoon, Grace visited again to check on his lunch and was met outside his door by the family. They told her how grateful they were that she was able to make his last days wonderful as he was so happy with the food and had died that morning the most beautiful death. After the funeral, the family showed up to Grace's work station with a beautiful plant thanking her for her time, and the compassion she had displayed for their father.

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