First of its Kind DBS Procedure Performed at LGMC


For patients undergoing frameless Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS), Medtronic’s Nexframe™ with O-arm™ imaging at Lafayette General Medical Center is proving to be a success.  Neurosurgeon Alan Appley, M.D., performed the first two frameless DBS procedures utilizing this technique in Louisiana on April 27th.  

DBS is a surgical procedure used to treat neurological symptoms, commonly associated with Parkinson’s disease, such as tremors, rigidity, stiffness, slowed movement and walking problems.  

Utilizing O-arm™ imaging gives the surgeon a 360 degree scan of the patient’s changing anatomy during surgery.  Using Medtronic technology with the O-arm™ allows for a navigational component in which the surgeon is able to track and guide instruments through the body in real time, ensuring precise placement of the hardware. 

Prior to this new technique, frameless DBS procedures required surgery for the placement of bone-anchored fiducials up to a week prior to the DBS implantation surgery.  The fiducials acted as markers to assist in planning and platform fixation.  Now the patient undergoes only one surgery.

“Thanks to this new technique, the patient does not have to undergo the extra procedure required to implant the fiducials,” explains Dr. Appley.  “This results in a significant improvement in patient comfort.  The surgeries were accomplished with extremely high precision and an accuracy of less than 0.5mm”  

“I preferred this procedure because I didn’t have to worry about a second surgery,” said Mark Pesson, DBS patient.  “This procedure was also more comfortable because I could lay down and was not in an upright position.”  Previously, when patients had two surgeries they were required to be in more of a seated position.

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