Fallon Savoy


Fallon Savoy

Excerpts of a letter written to hospital administration from the Conn family:

"When we checked in Tuesday morning to induce labor, the nursing staff went right to work in orchestrated precision.  Our check-in nurse ended her shift at 7am and in came the next nurse who would carry us to the finish line.  Little did we know we were in the hands of an angel.  Some people take all or half of their time on Earth to find what it is God intends with their lives, some never find it.  Great people find it at youth and master it their whole life.  I truly believe Fallon Savoy is one of these people.  Her quiet confidence, her knowledge, her care, her attention was unmistakable.  Throughout the day, she never hesitated or wavered, there was never a signature moment, it was one stroke of harmony from beginning to end.  And not only Fallon, the entire nursing staff.  I realized at the end of the day, the hospital was not full of people and staff, it was full of very special persons who love what they do and happen to call it their profession...."

"...I knew from our talks that she was to go home at 7 pm, a mark that was long past.  It was every bit of 10 pm and she saw the desperation in my face without asking.... She waited on my wife and the baby with the expertise of a mother and grandmother.  We both took the baby to her mother and attempted to feed her, despite (mom) still being out from drugs.... To say the least, Fallon carried us through the threshold of parenthood without so much as a hiccup.  Businesses just don't find these sorts of people; they can't be trained, nor replaced, they just come straight from God this way."

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