Erin DuFour - RN


A homeless lady was in Walmart when her slurred speech and unsteady gait became evident in front of a crowd of people. Unfortunately, the crowd assumed the woman had been drinking instead of suffering from an internal brain hemorrhage. The woman made her way to a bus stop before she slipped into unresponsiveness and 911 was called. The patient was admitted to Lafayette General Medical Center’s ICU, where she made a full recovery.

Her only concern now was how she was going to leave the hospital, and what would happen to her. When she first arrived at the hospital in her unresponsive state, she had soiled the clothes she was wearing. Those were the only clothes she had at the hospital. That’s when Erin Dufour, RN, started her effort to go above and beyond. Erin contacted Housekeeping to see if the patient could have her clothes washed. But, Erin was informed that Housekeeping is not allowed to wash patient clothes.

So, on Thanksgiving eve, Erin brought the patient’s clothes home with her to wash and return during her shift on Thanksgiving Day. The patient was deeply touched and thankful for her freshly washed clothes. After being discharged, the patient personally delivered a note to Erin, expressing her gratitude. The outside of the note read, “Best Nurse,” while the inside read, “I appreciate your kindness to me while I was in the hospital; you are an angel to me. I will never be able to thank you for everything you did. Your friend always…” Erin’s concern and dedication is something we can all be thankful for.

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