Erik Hauser - Valet


A small child, less than 3 years old, got away from her mother on Hospital Drive and took off running towards Coolidge Street, an avenue busy with high-speed traffic. That’s when valet driver Erik Hauser jumped into action.

He was about to pull out of the valet drive at Burdin Riehl Center to park a vehicle when he saw the child heading towards the street. He knew that if he did not do something at that very second that things would not end well. Erik jumped out of the valet car and stopped all traffic.

Once he got all the cars stopped, he ran up to the child and swooped her off the road until the mother came. Several employees witnessed Erik’s heroic act, including Lafayette General Health CEO/President David Callecod, who saw out his office window. Callecod left his office to personally thank Erik for the awesome job he did.

Erik was extremely humble and explained that he did what he thought anyone would do in a situation like that. Callecod said that Erik’s selfless heroism exemplifies the spirit of Lafayette General.

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