Dr. Julie Broussard and Dr. Brad Broussard


After working at LGSW on May 1, 2016, Dr. Julie Broussard, an Anesthesiologist, was traveling home and picked up her children.  She and her two children then witnessed a three-car accident. She pulled over, gave her children her cell phone, told them to stay in the car and ran to the scene.

She was the first person to help and she found a young man slumped over his steering wheel spewing blood. Having difficulty reaching him, she leaned on her belly through a broken car window, scooped the blood out of his mouth and held his airway open, keeping him alive until the ambulance arrived.

Her husband, ICU physician Dr. Brad Broussard, coincidentally, was on his way home as well. He noticed the accident and also stopped to help. Dr. Brad helped the paramedics stabilize the patient’s airway during extraction, which required the “jaws of life” and took over 45 minutes. After securing a safe ride home for their children, both doctors rode in the ambulance resuscitating the victim the entire way to LGUC. Upon arriving at the ER, Dr. Brad immediately intubated the patient so that he could be taken straight to the OR.

This couple makes a difference in people’s lives every day, but this accident made a difference in their lives as well. Since then, when hearing “Level 1 Code Trauma, ETA 30 minutes” overhead, they think of those emergency personnel out in the field getting their patient to the ER.

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