Daniel Bourque, M.D.


An unemployed mother with a newborn in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit often took the bus or walked to the hospital to see her baby. During the baby’s hospital stay, she was given a prescription for antibiotics to clear up an infection. She could not afford the medication.

A NICU nurse educated her on medically necessary antibiotics, but the mother had to go without the prescription due to lack of funds. Case Management attempted, but was unable to help over the weekend. NICU employees tried to pay the pharmacy, but store policy blocked it.  This NICU nurse went to Labor & Delivery to find out who was on call for the mom’s doctor, and the L&D nurse happened to be on the phone with Dr. Daniel Bourque, an obstetrician and gynecologist. Dr. Bourque was not on call this Saturday afternoon, nor was this his patient. But, he immediately offered to assist and was able to call in a cheaper, but effective prescription.

 The mother was then able to get her medication, recover and resume visiting her newborn in the NICU. The staff in the NICU took up a collection of money and baby items to give to the mom. Dr. Bourque also donated a $100 gift. This total team effort turned a sad situation into a happy outcome, and Dr. Bourque truly made a difference.

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