Comprehensive Cancer Treatment & Research Center Announced


Lafayette General Medical Center announces the formation of the state’s newest comprehensive cancer center, the Cancer Center of Acadiana at Lafayette General. Medical oncologists, Dr. Michael Cain, Dr. Deborah Johnson, Dr. Paulette Blanchet, Dr. Victoria Panelli, and Dr. Luis Meza join Lafayette General Medical Center to create a Center devoted to the diagnosis, treatment and research of cancer.

"In addition to treating cancer, the Cancer Center of Acadiana at Lafayette General will be concentrating on prevention and early detection, genetic testing and counseling for inherited cancer risks,” says Dr. Michael Cain, the Center’s medical director.  "Our eventual plan is to become involved in research, so we can be part of the long-term vision of finding a cure for cancer.  The Center will also treat hematology disorders, including both benign and malignant blood conditions.”
Cain adds, "Our mission is to create a patient-centered experience; caring for the whole person and not just treating the disease.”

"Every one of our patients will meet with a multidisciplinary team of experienced cancer professionals in medical oncology, including an oncology-educated dietician and social worker,” says Craig Ortego, administrative project leader of the Cancer Center of Acadiana.  "After meeting with the care team, each patient will receive a personalized treatment plan to include a powerful combination of advanced up-to-date treatments integrated with supportive complementary medicine therapies.”

Located at 1211 Coolidge Boulevard, the Center will encompass 18,000 square feet on the first floor of the Burdin Riehl Medical Office Building.  Renovation is underway, with an opening date slated for June 1, 2010. The Center will offer a laboratory, pharmacy, infusion center, and the services of a dietician and social worker.

Lafayette General’s Radiation Oncology and CyberKnife Center will remain in place on the main campus.  The infusion section of the Center will continue to provide outpatient services for patients with non-malignant diseases such as blood transfusions or IV antibiotics.  The services will be offered to all patients in the community and surrounding parishes.

 "When a family member is diagnosed with cancer, what type of care would you want for a loved one?” says David Callecod, president and CEO at Lafayette General Medical Center.  "We feel the medical knowledge, innovative techniques and therapies necessary to fight cancer are here for you at Lafayette General Medical Center.  We are proud to announce the Cancer Center of Acadiana.”

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