Claire James, LPN


Sometimes, caring for someone can leave a lasting impression. When a fellow employee found out, she was suffering with pneumonia at 33 weeks pregnant; Claire James at Urgent Care in River Ranch cared for her. It was during this exam that the patient and Claire realized their roles were reversed.

Sometime ago, Claire was admitted to LGMC with a complex case, and the nurse took care of Claire. While at Urgent Care, Claire remembered that this patient was the nurse who took care of her during her stay in the hospital and she made a difference in her life. Once Claire realized this, she told the patient, "It's you. You are the nurse that cared for me. You are the one who treated me like a human being. I never knew your last name, but it is my turn now to take care of you."

Thank you, Claire, for turning your experience in the hospital into a memorable one for the nurse who cared for you. Sometimes, “Making a Difference” comes full circle!

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