Christine Huval


“How are you doing today?”
It’s a question we ask each other countless times a day. It’s the same question Christine Huval asked a patient who was checking in for a scheduled test in the Respiratory Department. He mentioned that he had been experiencing an unusual pain which would radiate down his arm.

Christine didn’t brush this answer off. She picked up on symptoms unrelated to the patient’s visit and continued to ask him more questions. Noticing the patient did not look well, Christine made the decision that the patient needed to visit the Emergency Room. While initially hesitant, the pain persisted and the patient agreed that something was wrong.

It was confirmed by staff in the ER that the patient needed to see a Cardiologist. By asking a simple question, Christine helped this patient avoid a life-threatening event. It’s examples like Christine’s that prove the smallest of things can make the biggest differences!

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