Chris Guidry - RN ICU


A patient was transported to Lafayette General Medical Center in critical condition. The patient’s blood pressure was perilous, and she was taking transfusions on each side of her body. This was coming out of a six-hour surgery at another facility. She wasn’t sure she was going to make it.

But, the team at LGMC began working on her, and she heard a man say, “We’re going to make it!” She responded by telling him, “I can’t die; my husband and father to my children just passed away.”

The male voice she’d heard was that of ICU Nurse Chris Guidry. He gave this patient the strength to fight. She credits his knowledge, determination and, most importantly, his passion for his work with healing her. She says of Chris’s performance, “There will always be achievers. Chris just happens to do the best job. Please let him know that, from the heart, I thank him.”

Chris is a fine representation of the integrity and compassion that helps differentiate LGMC as a great medical institution.

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