Cerner Goes Mobile


Within the last several months, Cerner developed multiple apps for your mobile device that enables you to have nearly full functionality of the electronic medical record at your fingertips.

Cerner Camera Capture (iOS & Android) allows you to take clinical photos of a patient and it immediately becomes part of that patient’s chart. This is a great tool for documenting trauma, following chronic wounds, or capturing a skin lesion. The app is secure as nothing is stored on your device. The photos can be found under Multimedia Manager or Media Gallery within Powerchart.

Cerner Instanote (iOS & Android) is a fast way to dictate a note right from your phone. The text is transcribed and allows the physician to sign their note right from the phone.

Cerner Message Center (currently iOS only) allows you to view messages, co-sign orders and endorse results from your mobile device.

PowerChart Touch (currently iOS only) is the EMR at your fingertips. You will see patient lists, review all patient data and notes, lab results, orders and even place orders from that application.

You can download any of these from the app store, but you must have an activation code in order to open the first time. To receive this code, please contact the LGH help desk at (337) 289-8888.

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