CATALYS Laser Brings New Vision to Cataract Surgeries


For patients needing eye surgery, the CATALYS® Precision Laser System is proving to be a major success at Oil Center Surgical Plaza (OCSP). Since its first use in Acadiana in early May, the laser quickly surpassed 100 cases by mid July.

The CATALYS laser is used mostly for cataract surgeries, but is used for other eye procedures as well. Cataracts often develop in older adults as the lens of the eye hardens and becomes cloudy or less translucent. This can cause light to appear glary, vision to be blurred and colors to seem muted.

Preparing for cataract surgery requires multiple incisions on the covering of the eyeball, and inside the eye around the lens. Traditionally, these cuts were made by hand, with hand-held tools. The CATALYS is beneficial because its laser can make these incisions with more accuracy and precision than by hand.

The CATALYS is equipped with a guidance system that maps the eye structure in three dimensions and establishes safe-zone parameters. Since every eyeball is uniquely shaped and configured, being able to plan and customize these incisions makes for a more predictable result and outcome.

Removing the cataract using traditional methods required high-energy ultrasound to break up the cataract into pieces for removal. With CATALYS, the laser cuts a grid-like pattern across the cataract to soften it. That allows the lens to be removed gently and in clean-cut sections. This helps leave a better-prepared setting for the replacement lens to be inserted.

The end result is that the CATALYS laser reduces redness and discomfort after surgery, and allows for faster visual recovery.

Physicians with privileges at OCSP to use the CATALYS laser are Ophthalmologists Jonathan Joseph, Kirk LeBlanc, Ricardo Leoni II and Kevin Swan. The physicians say they are experiencing wonderful outcomes in vision restoration, especially amongst those candidates in need of multifocal and vision-correcting lenses.

Oil Center Surgical Plaza, located in the Medical Office Building at 1000 W. Pinhook Road, is a specialty surgical hospital that serves patients needing outpatient surgical procedures ranging from ophthalmology, ENT (ear, nose & throat), plastic surgery or pain management.

To see a video of the CATALYS® Precision Laser System, click the "Services" tab above this story, and select “Ophthalmology." A video link is provided at the bottom of that page.

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